Kate Porter

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Kate Porter is an American writer based in South Georgia. She grew up on a small farm in central Indiana where she graduated from Owen Valley Community High School. Her first short story was published in the school newspaper when she was fifteen. Kate went on to study fiction writing at Greenville Technical College, appeared at numerous Comic Cons, book readings, author events, participated in author panels and has been featured as a guest author on a blog tour. In 2013 Kate was not only profiled in her hometown newspaper, Spencer Evening World, but she was also profiled in Woman’s Day magazine.

Kate now has seven books in circulation as well as two more, as yet unpublished, manuscripts. She not only continues to write novels in several different genres from paranormal romance, thrillers, mystery and science fiction, but she has flexed her creative muscles by venturing into the screepwriting field. ​Kate has three feature screenplays completed as well as a pilot for a Network Primetime, crime drama and a pilot for a half hour sit-com.