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I've always believed that with each new day, espicially a new year, brings new opportunities for happiness and success and for trying new things. 

Here are a few things that I've been working on and want to share with my readers. You've all been so wonderful and special, you deserve to be the first to know when something new is about to be released. 

I've recently completed a new, stand alone novel titled, GUARDING MY SIX, that I'm very excited about and hope you will be, too. At this time, however, there is no publication date, but keep in touch for a future launch date. (Below you can read a brief synopsis.)

I've been stretching my boundries and venturing out of my comfort zone. I have devloped two of my novels into screenplay format with the hopes of marketing the movie rights. Let me know which one you would like to see on the BIG SCREEN, or little one for that matter, and I'll do my best to make that happen. I also have a few other original scripts that are not based on my books that are soon ready to be marketed. 

Onward and upward...You're never too old to reach for your dreams!!!


By K.J. Porter

In the beginning . . .
. . . Wade Hamilton wanted nothing more than to work in his tattoo studio honing his art and sharing his gift. But, when a pretty, shy, young woman named Tori Miller comes into his studio, while on spring break, Wade is more than happy to put a little “extra” into her choice of skin art before she and her friends head back to Savannah and out of his life. But when a distraught Army buddy calls Wade a few months later, to tell him that his little sister has been critically injured by a hit and run driver, he wastes no time heading to Georgia to lend a supporting shoulder.
Fate intervenes . . .
. . . When Wade finds out that his friend’s sister is the same woman who has haunted his dreams for the past several months. His confusion and guilt soon lead him to reevaluate his life and his future. As Tori’s injuries heal and her inner strengths are revealed Wade can’t help but fall hard for her.
The past returns with a vengeance . . .
. . . After Wade learns that he is being targeted by a powerful enemy, and Tori could become collateral damage, he knows he must face the demons of his own past.
Truth beneath the lies . . .
. . . Are revealed when Wade returns to his childhood home. He thought confronting his abusive, alcoholic, father would be the hardest part of his quest for answers. However, learning even darker family secrets, like why his mother left when he was a child, will shatter every illusion he’d ever had about his family and the truth could destroy his chances of a future with Tori.

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