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Kate Porter

Where Passion & Intrigue



By K.J. Porter

​​ISBN-13: 9781795288057

ISBN-10: 78195288057

​In the beginning . . .

. . . Wade Hamilton wanted nothing more than to work in his tattoo studio honing his art and sharing his gift. But when an intriguing young woman, named Tori Miller, comes into his studio, while on spring break, Wade is more than happy to put a little “extra” into her choice of skin art before she and her friends head back to Savannah and out of his life.

Fate intervenes . . . 

. . . When a distraught Army buddy calls Wade a few months later, to tell him that his little sister has been critically injured by a hit and run driver, he wastes no time heading to Georgia to lend a supporting shoulder . . . Until he realizes the woman who has haunted his dreams is none other than his best friend's little sister.

. . . Wade's confusion and guilt soon lead him to reevaluate his life and his future as his feelings for Tori grow into something that refuses to release his heart. 

The past returns with a vengeance . . .

. . . After Wade learns that he is being targeted by a powerful enemy, and Tori could become collateral damage, he knows he must face the demons of his own past.

Truth beneath the lies . . .

. . . Are revealed when Wade returns to his childhood home. He thought confronting his abusive, alcoholic, father would be the hardest part of his quest for answers. However, learning even darker family secrets, like why his mother left when he was a child, will shatter every illusion he’d ever had about his family and the truth could destroy his chances of a future with Tori.