As a small child, they feared him; as a grown man, bent on retribution . . . 

They are terrified.



 A mother and daughter road trip turns into a nightmare when Rose Bradigan awakens in a hospital bed, in a small southern town, with no memory of the past five days and finds her teenage daughter is missing. Sheriff Lucas Manning knows in most child abduction cases, it is someone close to them commiting the crime.

But when a young girl's body, matching Lily's description, shows up in the morgue, the clues lead in a completely different direction. One that puts both Lucas and Rose in the crosshairs of a sniper's rifle.

There are laws banning human cloning for a reason.

That they have created a living, human clone is not the secret they're killing to keep . . .  where the DNA came from is.



Speculative fiction are stories that tend to straddle genre lines. 

Below are a few books, by Kate Porter, that fall into this category as they can be termed suspense, action, romance and science fiction, (without the aliens!)

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