Her name is Sapphire and her father is king of the mer-people. 

But Sapphire has fallen in love with a human who is betrothed to another. 

Her love's betrothed has caught the eye of Zeus, king of the God's.

To anger a God, is to invite destruction.

Sam Jackson is a career Marine with a set of ethics, morals and beliefs to which he has staunchly adhered throughout his life. Until the morning of his twenty-eighth birthday when he receives a disturbing video from his twin brother, Seth. Before he can sort out what his brother is trying to convey in the video, two FBI agents barge into his office with news of an inconceivable atrocity his brother committed before his death. Still reeling in shock, Sam is determined to find out what motivated his brother’s horrific crime before plunging to his death from the top of a twenty story building. The only way to do that is contact Karma Taylor, a woman Seth mentioned in the video, to retrieve his brother’s journals.

After learning that Karma befriended his brother during her stay in a mental hospital and has now taken up Seth’s banner of alien abduction and government conspiracy claims, Sam wants nothing to do with her fanatical nonsense. She’s been burning up the internet and the science fiction circuit with allegations that she, too, has been abducted by aliens and is blasting "the truth behind the lies" the world’s governments have been spouting. When bodies start piling up, and Sam is wounded and on the run for his life, he realizes there’s more to his brother’s, and Karma’s, claims than sick minds in desperate need of medication. Especially when devastating secrets are brought to light that will change not only Karma and Sam’s lives, but an unsuspecting world that a renegade alien faction is determined to conquer and subjugate. It may already be too late to stop what had begun over a half-century before any of them were born.