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Oct. 7, 2017 At the Savannah Quill Book Convention!

in the National Guard Armory building in Savannah, GA.

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Coming in 2017

Redemption Stone

Team Nightly, Book Four

Chuck Logan must come to terms with a secret he's been hiding behind his cheeky grin and dazzling charm. A secret that could destroy Team Nightly and kill the woman he loves.

Kate Porter

Where Passion & Intrigue


To those of you who have read Secrets in Bethlehem, I thank you, and to those who felt it needed a little more work, I hear you. Therefore, this book will be temporarily unavailable for sale.

With the assistance of my brilliant new editor, whom I have been working diligently with for the past two years, I will be revising Secrets in Bethlehem. The storyline and characters as well as the impact of the twists, turns, suspense , (and yes, the "Wow" factor) will remain. 

Come back soon for updates and the publication of Secrets in Bethlehem; New Edition